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Package Included: 1 X UV Phone Steriliser 1 X USB Charging Cable 1 X Manual Specifications: Rated Voltage: DC 5V Input Current: 2A UV Light Power: 2x 1W Aromatherapy Power: 1W Max. Working Power: 9W Dimensions: 21.8x18.2x5.3mm/8.6x7.2x2in Internal dimensions: 18x10x2.2mm/7x3.9x0.8in Maximum Capacity: 6.5-inch phone Material: Plastic + Electronic Components Color: White Feature: - Not only for smartphone and face mask, the steriliser case also works great with toothbrush, underpants, jewellery, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small items. - Large sterilised space UV steriliser is compatible with phones under 6.5 inches. Instruction: Put the item into the chamber of the multifunctional steriliser the disinfection key,the item begins to disinfect,after three minutes disinfect completes. Tips: After disinfection is complete, the indicator light will stop flashing. You can open the lid and remove items during the disinfection process. Once the lid is opened during disinfection, it will stop sterilising. You must close the lid again to set a new disinfection duration. After opening the lid, the UV lamp inside the device will go out.


  • Ultraviolet sterilisation box technology can effectively sterilize]: UV portable ultraviolet steriliser can be used as a comprehensive sterilisation box. Sterilisation can be achieved by ultraviolet rays destroying the DNA structure of microorganisms. Eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria in just 5 minutes. It can protect you and your family from harmful bacteria. Can kill refractory bacteria.
  • One-click aromatherapy machine One-click automatic aromatherapy machine. Press the cleaning switch to start the steriliser. The indicator light stays green. After 5 minutes of cleaning, the machine will automatically stop. You can drop the aromatherapy liquid into the sponge tank to activate the aromatherapy function and remove odors with one click
  • Portable USB charging portLightweight and easy to use, very suitable for travel at home, office or outdoor. Can accommodate up to 6.6 inches of mobile phones. With USB charging port, it is compatible with Apple and Android devices.
  • UV sterilisation box adopts rectangular box design, no dead corner sterilisation. It can sterilize your mobile phones, masks, watches, keys, glasses, socks, underwear and other daily necessities without creating dead ends. Prevent bacterial residues. Stable ABS materials, high-quality materials with the following properties: high temperature resistance, long-lasting durability, environmental protection, safety, and harmless.
  • Before starting the switch, please close the cover. Do not let ultraviolet rays directly hit the human body. 2. After the sterilisation box is completed, it is recommended to open the lid and ventilate for more than 5 minutes. 3. Do not use this product as a children's toy.



Included Components Sterilizer box, Manual, USB charger

UV Phone Sterilizer Box Multifunction Cleaner Sanitizer Disinfection Box USB UK